Slingshot is an accelerator that works with corporates and startups to deliver true value through innovation - at rapid pace.

The retail world has changed.

Customers want something different from their retail experience and to help drive the change the retail sector wants to see, Slingshot is working with the NORA Network, to bring Australia’s first RetailTech accelerator to life.

Slingshot and Nora are inviting up to four retail companies to form a consortium to see large scale retailers work with leading start ups.

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Potential program themes:


Covergence of the Supply Chain & Store


IOT & the shopper


Customer Experience and the threat of new entrants


Retail reinvented ('Catch all' theme)

Benefits of RetailTech

Slingshot enables corporate clients to harness disruption, not be in fear of it.

The pressures in the retail sector are significant, with spending down, consumer shopping habits rapidly changing and with Amazon looming - not only is the way consumers shop changing, but so to are expectations about experience.  

Shareholders are looking for growth. With overseas examples of share pricing decreasing to terrifying lows, it’s important to show plans for growth - and a Slingshot accelerator does that.


The most efficient and cost effective way to innovate is to partner with Slingshot.

Competing in this space will increasingly be about identifying and aligning with new technologies that give retailers the edge, from customer experience, to shopper marketing, payments, and fulfillment.

Partnering with Slingshot drives change quickly. Industry changing and shaping innovation  needs to outsourced for scale. Slingshot brings 12 new ideas to deploy in a month, beating the competition.

RetailTech is set to launch later this year and Slingshot is currently inviting interest form Australia’s largest retailers, payments and logistics business to speak to them about the program.

We would love you to be part of this journey and look forward to receiving your expression of interest. Please click here and contact us.


Slingshot connects organisations with early stage technology entrepreneurs. To help facilitate an effective integration, Slingshot works with entrepreneurs and provides resources, advice, investment and training.

For organisations, Slingshot works to understand:

  • Your company strategy and business objectives
  • Determine, with you, what good fit and good innovation looks like for your organisation.
  • Help incubate successful startups
  • Offer the right to invest in preferred Startups.

For Startups, Slingshot:

  • Operates an application process that is open yet highly competitive
  • Provides pre-seed investment, usually in exchange for equity
  • Time-limited support comprising programmed events and intensive mentoring
  • Startups supported in cohort batches or “intakes”

What is the Slingshot Accelerator Program?

CEO of Slingshot Karen Lawson said RetailTech presented a huge opportunity for Australian retailers looking to tap into cutting-edge technologies and ideas.

This retail consortium will be joining brands like Qantas, Lion, HCF, ING, NRMA,SEEK and Hudson who recognise that external innovation is key to being a global leader in a highly competitive landscape.

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